2019 Coolster Ultimate 125cc ATV - Fully Automatic+Reverse - ATV-3125XR8

  • $999.99


    • FREE Shipping - Residential Home Delivery + Liftgate Service  
    • FREE 6-Months Parts Replacements Warranty ($99 Value)
    • FREE Upgraded Carburetor 
    • FREE Performance CDI Chip
    • Upgraded Utility Tires(Front/Rear): 19x7.00 – 8 / 18x9.50 – 8
    • Upgraded Dual Performance Shocks 
    • Upgraded Fat Exhaust High-Performance Pipe
    • Upgraded Front+Rear Utility Rack
    • Rear Light Reflector 
    • Front Utility Bumper
    • Remote Safety Kill Switch
    • Cross Drilled Front and Rear Rotors
    • Matching Colored Handgrips
    • Engine Type: 125CC Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
    • Top Speed 40 Mph
    • Bore Stroke: 52.4×49.5 mm
    • Tires: 19 x 7 – 8 / 18 x 9.5 – 8
    • Ignition: CDI
    • Battery: 12V, 5Ah
    • Electric Push Button Start
    • Seat Height: 27"
    • Wheelbase: 34"
    • Ground Clearance: 5.5"
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 58" x 36" x 36"
    • ATV-3125XR8-U

     ATV-3125XR8-U Coolster ATV-3125XR8-US utility ATV 4 wheeler 4 stroke  

    This is our ULTIMATE Coolster 125cc ATV Quad Sport Coolster Four Wheeler!

    This brand new Ultimate Coolster Utility ATV is ready for all your adventure needs. The rear disc brakes were fully upgraded to ensure a smoother and faster stop to safety. Upgraded 8" wider tires allow the Ultimate 3125XR8-U to ride in all-terrain including dirt roads, hills, mud, snow, rain, etc! This 125cc 4-Stroke ATV comes in semi-automatic or fully automatic. The fully automatic will be controlled through 3 gears, neutral, and a reverse option. No clutch needed. No shifting needed, gears change automatically for easy riding! 

    Fully equipped with a horn, low-beam and high-beam headlights, speed governor, safety remote kill switch, and foot brake!

    Please use Premium Fuel when filling up ATV. Full tank of premium gas costs roughly $3-4 to fill up. This is a cleaner grade of fuel for the engine and ensures a smooth ride and maximum performance.

    Quad biking is a new and exciting way of exploring the city and going through trail bushes. Off-roading with this ATV is recommended for an exciting adventure. Unleash the adventure in you! Go around and browse through the trails discovering new birds and animals. Exploring nature and cruising in this ATV is also recommended.

    Coolster ATV-3125XR8-U quad 4 wheeler sport atv 125cc with reverse ATV-3125XR8-US 

    • Engine Type: 125CC Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled
    • Fully Automatic Transmission
    • Bore Stroke: 52.4×49.5 mm
    • Max Torque: 7.0N.m/5500r/min (N.m/r/min)
    • Max Horsepower: 5.0kW/7500r/min
    • Top Speed 40 Mph
    • Bore Stroke: 52.4×49.5 mm
    • Tires: 19 x 7 – 8 / 18 x 9.5 – 8
    • Ignition: CDI
    • Battery: 12V, 5Ah
    • Electric Push Button Start
    • Seat Height: 27"
    • Wheelbase: 34"
    • Ground Clearance: 5.5"
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 58" x 36" x 36"
    • Gross Weight: 260Lbs
    • Net Weight: 216Lbs
    • ATV-3125XR8-U



    Speed Controller (Governor)
    This will allow you to choose how slow or how fast the quad goes, it can be adjusted down to 5 mph, You can continue to adjust the speed as your child gains more experience and skills, providing comfort to parents.

    Remote Control Stop
    You can turn off your engine from as far as 30 feet away. If necessary you can take control of the vehicle even if you are not the rider.

    Kill Switch
    With one press of the button, it automatically kills the engine, easy to reach and right at your fingertips. So your child can stop easily.

    Electric Start
    Traditional ATV only comes with a Kick Start which makes it hard sometimes to start your ATV, With our ATV, you can start your ATV electrically, by a push of a button. Quick and easy to start.

    Foot Brakes
    The footbrake is easy for the rider to operate and ensure safety.

    Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    Ideally designed with children in mind. will provide added braking power for extra safety and protection.

    Front Double a-arm and Rear single arm suspension
    With the dual suspension, you are in for a more smoother ride. Improves the quality and feel of your vehicle in motion.

    Fully Automatic Transmission
    With a fully automatic transmission, You don’t have to worry about shifting gears when going forward. Easy to ride and uncomplicated for all ages to ride. Our ATV Also Come with reverse to make backing up easier.

    Padded Seating
    Better riding experience with a roomy, nice and spacious cushioned seating.

    Front Bumper
    In case of any impact, this front bumper guards your ATV against unwanted damage.

    Rear Luggage Rack
    This provides an added storage space. Pack it up and take it with you.

    Featured Headlight, Brake and Taillight
    For riding at night. These features provide better visibility from front to back.

    Foot Rest/Guard
    A wide and ridged footrest provides a non-slipper surface. Allows for stability and better control. Designed to keep your feet secure and guards against the tires.


    Young ones will find this easy to drive and fly through the night with its’ automatic transmission and working headlights. The rear rack allows them to transport their super gear too. It also features Air Cooled, Front Double A Swing Arm Suspension, Front Hub/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and 8" Wheels

    1. Based on the vehicles' nature and intended use, it is strongly recommended that assembly and PDI be performed by trained, licensed mechanics.
    2. All units, including those which have been fully assembled, are subject to unforeseen conditions during transit. All units must be inspected prior to initial operation in order to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure a riding experience

    NO CARB (This unit is not for sale in the state of California)
    This unit is also not for sale in the state of NJ and PA

    Assembly Information
    Our vehicles come 90% assembled at the factory and fully tested prior to shipping. This vehicle requires some minor assembly. May include: handlebar brackets, front and rear wheels, front and rear racks (if included), and battery. (May differ per model)

    Technical Specs

    Engine type :
    Maximum Speed :
    Cooling :
    Transmission :
    Reverse Gear :
    Max torque :
    Bore*stroke :
    Ignition :
    Starting system :
    Battery :
    Clutch :
    Final Drive :
    Brake operation :
    Tires :
    Fuel capacity/type :
    Weight,N.W :
    Max load :
    Wheelbase :
    L*W*H :
    Seat Height :
    Min ground clearance :

    125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke
    43.5 mph May vary depending on road condition, rider weight etc.
    air cooled
    Automatic/F-N-R/Hand Shift Gear
    7.0N.m/5,500r/min (N.m/r/min)
    52.4x49.5mm/ 2.06 inches x 2.24 inches
    Electric start
    12V, 5Ah
    disc brake and foot brake
    19 x 7.00 - 8 / 19 x 7.00 - 8
    59.8x 37x 37.8in

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