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150cc MC-20Y-150 Moped Scooter with Japanese Components, 13" Wheels, Rear Trunk! Fully Assembled!

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MC-20Y-150 Red


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MC-20Y-150 Red


Free items with your purchase:

Free Shipping on Qualified Areas
Free Pre-Delivery Inspection ($89 Value)
Free Liftgate Service 
(Other companies may charge additional $75 for this service!) 

Free Residential Service Fee ($45 Value)
Free Life Time Technical Support 
Free Delivery Notification($15 Value)
Free Standard 3 Months Parts Warranty ($59 Value)
Free 1 Year engine and frame Warranty


NO CARB (This unit is not for sale in the state of California)
This unit is also not for sale in the state of NJ and PA




Model MC-20Y-150 is completely assembled and ready to ride out of the box! Just add fuel and go! Normally these type of units require assembly that a local dealership or shop will charge in excess of $150. Now you can take advantage of our huge discounts along with the service you would expect from a local dealer! Some of the benefits of purchasing a fully assembled moped/scooter include:

  • Guaranteed proper assembly. You can ride worry-free knowing that this unit was assembled by a professional!
  • Save time and money with a unit that's already assembled. On average local shops will charge around $150 for assembly service. Whether you planned on paying a local shop for assembly or if you planned on assembling your unit on your own you still save money! Your time is money!
  • Non-assembled units come with the assembly hardware in a bag or box which can sometimes get lost during shipping. With a fully assembled unit that's one less thing you have to worry about! Everything is already assembled so there's no risk of losing assembly hardware and statistically a fully assembled unit has a higher percentage of arriving undamaged during shipping!

Key Features

  1. 150cc Air Cooled Engine: The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.
  2. Powerful Front ABS Disc Brake: Front ABS Disc brakes are the best possible brakes any vehicle can have. They have maximum stopping efficiency and will keep you protected at all times.
  3. Reliable Rear Drum Brake: Come with Rear Drum Brake which can provides quick and safety stopping power.
  4. Easy-to-read Instrument Panel: The large easy to read instrument panel tells you just about everything you need to know when operating your scooter. You will see displays for speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, turn signal indicator and high beam indicator.
  5. Large Headlight: The headlight is a very unique design that perfectly fit the style and shape of this vehicle. They are also very bright and will light your way while driving at night.
  6. Bright Taillight: Bright multireflector taillight for great visibility when you ride at the night.
  7. Convenient Glove Compartment: Located in the front underneath instrument panel area, you will find a spacious compartment to store any items you need to take with you while you ride.
  8. Large Under Seat Lockable Storage: Underneath the seat you will find a storage compartment to fit whatever you need for your ride. It is quite large and can fit a good amount of items. It is perfect for long trips or for just carrying emergency supplies.
  9. Comfortable Seat: Very broad and Supportive Seat for driver and passenger.
  10. Aluminum Exhaust Pipe: To add to the already incomparable style of this gas moped, it comes with Aluminum exhaust pipe. It's the little details that matter in the world.
  11. Large Rear Luggage Trunk: Store anything you need to take with you in the spacious trunk.
  12. Sturdy Luggage Rack: You can carry anything needed on it.
  13. Taiwan Free-maintenance battery: Taiwan free-maintaince battery can privodes durable electric power.
  14. Free Tools Kit: We offer Free Tool kit with this moped. Competitors similar mopeds either DO NOT have it or sell $20 more!

High Quality Japan and Taiwan Parts

Not all scooters are made same even they look so similar. A lot of scooters sold by our competitors use all cheap material, which leads to bad quality, frequent service and maintenance issues. Instead, MC-20Y-150 use bunch of Japanese to ensure its superior quality.

  • Japan standard carburetor with gas release switch
  • Japan KOK intake manifold & oil seal & NGK spark plug
  • Japan piston ring
  • Taiwan free-maintenance battery
  • Taiwan chengshin DOT tire(another brand of MAXXIS)

Engine / Drive Train

  • Feisty 150cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine puts out strong, predictable power with incredible gas mileage.
  • Fan-assisted Air cooling system keeps engine temperatures reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights--for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.
  • Great fuel efficiency -- This moped scooter will get up to 80 MPG.
  • Easy, dependable electric starting with backup kickstarter make starting a breeze.
  • Fully Automatic transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
  • Special fuel tank emissions system includes a sealed-type gas cap, air filter, roller valve and canister that controls gasoline evaporation and reduces air pollution.

Body / Suspension / Brakes

  • Open, step-through frame design allows easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Front ABS Disc brake and Rear Drum brake supply strong, reliable stopping power.
  • 3.5-10 front and rear Taiwan Chengshin(another Brand of MAXXIS) DOT tires offer great traction.
  • Dual front fork delivers superb bump-absorbing performance.
  • Rear shock suspension system provides comfort and great ride quality.

Additional Features

  • Wide, thickly padded seat ensures incomparable rider and passenger comfort and style.

  • Convenient Glove Compartment located in the front underneath instrument panel area can store any items you need to take with.

  • Underseat storage compartment that can hold lots of items

  • Rear Storage Trunk is great for any trip you take if you need that extra room to carry supplies.

  • Cosmopolitan styling takes this moped scooter to the next level with a speedometer, mirrors, handlebar, and 3-spoke Aluminium wheels.

  • Large headlight maximizes nighttime visibility and electroplated headlight housing enhances styling.

  • Bright multireflector taillight for great visibility.

  • Electronic fuel gauge keeps track of the gas level.

  • Easy-to-read instrument panel features turn signal and high beam indicator lights.

  • Taiwan Free-maintenance battery provides durable electric power.

  • Front and rear side reflectors help maximize conspicuity in city traffic.

Street Legal

  • (DOT) Department of Transportation Fully Approved
  • (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency Approved
  • This motorcycle is legal to own in the United States. We provide all stickers, affixations and documents needed to prove that your vehicle is legal. You can easily register this bike and legally ride it on public roads as transportation.
  • MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin / Certificate Of Origin) Included
  • Genuine 17-Digit Factory VIN Number
  • This Bike conforms to U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). The tag affixed to this Bike shows the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well as Date Manufactured. A Certificate of Origin (a.k.a. MSO/MCO/Manufacturers Statement of Origin) with all necessary information is also included. This is all the data you need to register this Bike with the DMV. 










Colors available :

Red+silver,blue+silver,    black+silver,Yellow+silver

Features :


Decals (Y/N) :


Tool kit (Y/N) :


Remote start (Y/N) :


Remote engine stop (Y/N) :


Remote alarm (Y/N) :


Speed limiter (Y/N) :


Assembly required :

Rear mirror


Engine type :

4-Stroke,single cylinder,CVT, 

Engine brand :


Displacement :


Cooling :

Air cooled

Max horsepowe :


Max torque :


Bore*stroke :


Max speed :

31.1 mile/h

Climbing ability :


Ignition :


Starting system :


Battery :


Carburetor brand :


Engine oil :


Gear oil :



Clutch :


Transmission :


Driveline :


Driving wheel :

Rear wheel drive

Suspension,front/rear :


Brakes,front/rear :


Brake operation :


Tires,front/rear :


Fuel capacity/type :

1.1 gal

Weight,G.W./N.W :

*/ 198.4lbs

Max load :



Wheelbase :


OA L*W*H :


Height to seat :


Min ground clearance :


Carton size :


Shipping info :


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