Motor Oil - Pennzoil 10W-30 (32 fl. oz.)

Motor Oil - Pennzoil 10W-30 (32 fl. oz.)

  • $25.99

High Performance Oil

Recommend for the x19 Super Pocket Bike

Time-released protection, advanced protection for gasoline engines. Pennzoil, with time released molecules, delivers non-stop protection throughout the life of your oil. Pennzoil offers even better stop and go protection with its latest formulation. No other brand of motor oil protects more engines against tough, everyday driving condition than Pennzoil. Pennzoil Advanced Protection motor oils are suitable for all gasoline engines and are designed to provide wear protection. Control high temperature, oxidation and deposits. Help protect emissions systems. Pennzoil Advanced Protection Motor Oils are suggested for use in harsh situations such as stop and go traffic, short trip driving and prolonged engine idling in stalled traffic.

•  Meets or exceeds requirements of ILSAC GF-4, GF-3, API SM and previous API standards. Made in USA

• Protection for extremely high temperatures, protection against harmful deposits and acids, which aids in a clean running and lasting engine

• May be used at any time in an engines life-cycle and is fully compatible with conventional engine oils