Venom 500W Electric Mini Pocket Bike 36V

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Welcome to the new Electric 500w 36v Mototec Super Pocket Bike

This famous pocket rocket design now comes available in a fully electric 36v battery! No need to keep up with your common maintenance required for the gas bikes, simply plug into you regular 110v outlet at home, charge it up, and ride! 
Reduce noise complaints, gas emissions, and oil changes by going all electric! This is the ultimate kids ride, and they can now enjoy it in a neighbourhood at any time of the day! Equipped with a battery meter indicator that will notify you when the battery is running low and needs a charge. 
Mototec 500w 36v Super Pocket Bike Specifications:
Motor: 36 Volt 500 Watt
Battery:  3x12v (36v Battery)
Top Speed: 20 MPH (weight dependent)
Pocket Bike Size (LxWxH): 39" x 20" x 23"
Seat Height: 18in
Recommended Age: 13+
Max Rider Weight: 170 lbs
Frame: Rigid Steel
Tires: 90/65-6.5 Pneumatic (11 inch)
Brakes: 1 disc front, 1 disc rear
Throttle: Variable twist-grip
Seat: Padded (single rider)
Handlebars: Angle Adjustable, Not Height
Battery Meter: Yes
Key: Yes
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Charger Included: Yes
Assembly Required: Yes
Box Size: 42x17x27 inches
Box Weight: 88 lbs

Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Blue

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