Venom Mud Monster Kids Go Kart | 1000W | 48V | Kids Dune Buggy

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 INTRODUCING The Venom Mud Monster Electric 1000 Watts Brushless Go Kart with a FULL SUSPENSION!

Mud Monster gokart 1000w front suspensionVENOM MUDMONSTER GO KART 1000W REAR SUSPENSION 48V


This is a brand new Venom Electric 1000 Watts Go Kart 48 Volts Dune Buggy for kids 6-17 years old!

The Venom Electric Mud Monster Go Kart is the ultimate kids ride! The dune buggy is equipped with a POWERFUL 1000 Watts BRUSHLESS motor that will reach speeds up to 32km/h. Rest assured, the Mud Monster GO Kart is also equipped with a Speed Governor. Parents can limit the speed down to 10mph, and increase the speed as the rider adjusts to the machine and becomes familiar with the controls.
Low: 10 MPH
High: 20MPH
We have also installed a STRONG 48 Volts Battery with 12 Amp Hours. Ride time on this model is determined by the weight + road conditions the machine is handling. The average rider will expect to receive 1-2 hours ride time. The Mud Monster 1000W dune buggy for kids will also arrive with the charger for immediate use. The throttle is operated via foot controls as well as the braking system. The rider will have total control with foot pedals just like a real go-kart.
The Mud Monster Electric Go Kart is Fully Automatic with a top speed of 32KM/H. Also featured with an adjustable Dual Front Hydraulic Shock + Single Rear Hydraulic Shock. The Venom Mud Monster comes with a seat belt, roll bar, adjustable seat, and kill switch for safety features! Fast and efficient braking with rear disk brakes!
The Venom Mud Monster GO Kart will arrive 95% fully assembled. Assembly is required upon delivery. You will be required to install the roll bars + steering wheel. 
The Mud Monster Go Kart can fit riders up to 63 inches comfortably!


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Venom Support is Available 9am-7pm EST Monday - Friday and 9am-4pm  EST Saturday at and 1-855-984-1612



Venom Mud Monster 1000W Dune Buggy Go Kart Specifications:

Motor: 48V 1000W (Permanent Magnet DC Brushless)
Battery: 4x12V/12AH Sealed Lead Acid (48V 12AH Total)
RPM: 5.8N.m/(2500+-100)r/min
Recommended Age: 6 years and up
Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs
Rider Height: Up to 63 inches Fits Comfortably
Top Speed: 10mph, 20mph Selectable Speed (Weight Dependent)
Transmission: Automatic, Centrifugal Clutch, Chain Drive
Safety Features: Seat Belt, Roll Bar, Adjustable Seat and Kill Switch
Suspension: Dual Front Hydraulic Shock, Single Rear Hydraulic Shock
Minimum Turning Diameter: <=6m (22km/h)
Frame: Steel Tubular
Front Wheels: 14x4.10-6 Pneumatic
Rear Wheels: 14x5-6 Pneumatic
Brake: Foot operated Hydraulic Rear Disc
Climbing Angle: 15 degrees
Go Kart Weight: 192 lbs
Go Kart Size: 58x33x43 inches
Wheelbase: 36 inches
Min Ground Clearance: 5 inches
Box Weight: 236 lbs
Box Size: 54x33x21 inches
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