Venom X20 + X21RS Motorcycle Digital Speedometer Odometer & Tachometer

  • $59.99


Upgraded Speedometer/Odometer/Tachometer.

Fits the following motorcycles:

-Vader 125cc GEN I & GEN II 125cc

-Venom X20 GEN II 125cc

-Venom X21R 125cc

-Venom X21RS 125cc



  • Multiple Readings: Display can be set in MPH or KMH.
  • Multiple Display: This is a digital speedometer with a tachometer and gear indicator. It has an LCD display. The traditional display meter and LCD data can accurately display the speed and gear position.
  • All in one: This digital speedometer is a combination of a tachometer, a speedometer and a gear indicator. It is a high-performance kit for motorcycles and also improves your safety during racing.
  • Multiple Colors: The speedometer's screen color is adjustable in 7 colors, which provides a good additional decoration for your motorcycle, showing the time and total travel distance, which can be switched between Kilometers and Miles. Design 2 buttons on the left and right side, you can press it to switch the total, subtotal and water temperature.
  • Scope of Application: This speedometer is equipped with a speed sensor to ensure its accuracy and professional performance. Suitable for most motorcycles, suitable for any wheel size and engine type.



Size: 7.4 x 4.1 inches
Sensor Cable Length: ~ 49.2 inches
Sensor Size: 1.6 x 0.6 inches
Working Voltage: DC 12V 
LCD Display Gear Position: 1- 6 
Speed Display Range: 0~199km/h(mile)
Needle Display RPM Range: 0-13000RPM, error +5%
Odometer Display Range: 0~99999.9km(mile)
Indicator Function: left & right turn signal, high beam light, N gear, Engine failure light, low voltage warm light
Wiring Instruction: shown as the instruction along with the product package
Package Weight: approx.529g