Waterproof Motorcycle Cover | Fits all 50cc-250cc Motorcycles

  • $69.99



The water resistant cover can withstand up to 2000 Pa water pressure , compeletely protects your motorcycle from rain, heat, dust, sun, scratches and etc.
Windproof buckles to make this cover stay firmly in place even in high winds. Won't slip or flap in the wind.
Aliumum lock-holes allow you to conveniently lock your motorcycle. No need to worry about rust compared to metal lock.

Easy to Store and Carry

With free storage bag, easy to store and carry. The motorcycle cover is lightweight and folds small, you can use it everywhere.


  • Venom X18 50cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X20 50cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X21 50cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X19R 125cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X20 125cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X21R 125cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X21RS 125cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X22 125cc Motorcycle
  • Venom E-Vader 2000W Electric Motorcycle
  • Vader 125cc Motorcycle GEN I and GEN II
  • Venom X18RS 150cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X18R 200cc Motorcycle
  • Venom Ghost 250cc Chopper
  • Venom X22R 250cc Motorcycle
  • Venom X22-GT 250cc Automatic Motorcycle
  • Lifan KP-Mini 150cc Motorcycle
  • Lifan KP200 Motorcycle
  • Lifan KPM200 Motorcycle
  • Lifan KPR200 Motorcycle
  • Lifan X-Pect 200
  • Lifan Lycan 250cc Cruiser
  • All 50cc Motorcycles
  • All 125cc Motorcycles
  • All 200cc Motorcycles
  • All 250cc Motorcycles